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Skyrainbow Electrical Appliance Development Forum was held

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September 16, Skyrainbow Electrical Appliancel Kitchenware Development Forum and domestic and foreign merchants into Binzhou activities in Boxing County Pang Town Industrial Park was held. China International Chamber of Commerce in Shandong Branch, China Household Electrical Appliances Association and other industry bodies as well as more than 200 international businessmen attended the event.
It is understood that the event brought together experts and elites from the current kitchen industry in China and even in the world. Attendees first watched the documentary of ten years of development of Tianhong Electric Appliance. Subsequently, the chairman of Rainbow Electric Ji Youlai, Cui Wendong, general manager and foreign customers held a signing ceremony, Ji You come to visit the company's new product showroom. He said that the forum was held on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the founding of the company. The purpose is to build a platform for mutual communication, enhance friendship, enhance mutual understanding and lay a solid foundation for better cooperation in the future.
As a backbone enterprise in Boxing County kitchen appliance industry, Shandong Tianhong Electric Co., Ltd. has been setting up its largest commercial stainless steel freezer production base in China since its establishment in 2004. The project is optimized and investment is increased. The industry scale continues to expand and its core competitiveness Constantly improve, a number of products to fill the gaps in China's refrigeration market for the kitchen industry has made a positive contribution to the development. The International Kitchenware Development Forum Texhong and domestic and foreign merchants into Binzhou activities held in the Boxing County, local kitchen and kitchen production and processing enterprises and foreign and foreign businessmen to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation between the space to expand development and promote the kitchenware industry and good Rapid development will have a tremendous role in promoting.