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Rainbow 25th Shanghai International Hotel Supplies Fair a complete success

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  Heaven pay ground, Hong Ying global

Global one-stop commercial electrical factory train

Binzhou Skyrainbow Electrical Appliance CO.,LTD in Shanghai New International Expo Center to participate in the 25th Shanghai International Hotel Supplies Fair in Shanghai to greet customers at home and abroad outstanding franchisees.

Binzhou Skyrainbow Electrical Appliance CO.,LTD in the production of freezers, freezers, western food, white steel products, set technology, production and sales in one, based on a high starting point, high standards and high quality, service 500 domestic franchisees, more than 3,000 customers worldwide.
Company forge ahead, and grasp the direction of market development, our goal is to build China's largest commercial electrical production base. Rainbow products have been exported to Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Russia, Belgium, Britain, India, Thailand, Lebanon, more than 106 countries, praised by users.

  Thank you dinner Ji Dong photo with the customer

Rainbow International Consortium adopts the business model of electricity supplier + O2O + F2C + membership, and is an industry mutual aid platform jointly established by more than 3,000 customers worldwide, 5 domestic franchisees and outstanding suppliers and suppliers nationwide.
Rainbow International Alliance franchisees together Shanghai together toast, win the future. May the rainbow be better tomorrow.

During the exhibition, held in Shanghai Tianhong e-mall launch ceremony and thanks dinner, more than 130 outstanding franchisees at home and abroad attended the meeting. Rainbow International Electronic Mall with Texhong Electric as a production base to Tianhong International Alliance as a platform for development, serving domestic and foreign outstanding franchisee, to achieve win-win cooperation.


  Director in the Skyrainbow Electrical Appliance Mall Exchange Conference, for a wonderful speech

  Rainbow appliances, the king returned. Texhong in good faith others, the principle of equality and mutual benefit, continuing to serve customers at home and abroad, welcome to visit the factory guidance.