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Enterprise Quality Credit Report Binzhou Skyrainbow Electrical Appliance CO.,LTD

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Table of Contents

I. Introduction
1, report preparation rules
2, chairman speech
3, business profile
Second, the quality of credit reports
1. The concept of corporate quality
2. Enterprise Quality Management
2.1 Quality Management Organization
2.2 product design process of quality management
2.3 Production Process Quality Management 2.4 Production Assisted Process Quality Management 2.5 Process Quality Management
2.6 Quality Management System
Quality and integrity management
3.1 Quality and integrity management
3.2 Quality Culture Building
4. The quality of the enterprise
4.1 enterprise product standards
4.2 enterprise measurement level
4.3 certification and accreditation situation
4.4 quality inspection situation
Product quality responsibility
5.1 product quality level
5.2 Product after-sales responsibility
5.3 Corporate Social Responsibility
Third, the report concludes
Report preparation rules
Report Content Objectivity Statement
"Binzhou Tianhong Electric Co., Ltd. Quality Credit Report" is written in an objective and fair manner. The contents of the report are true and effective and conform to the actual conditions of the enterprise. The contents of the report include quality management system, product quality responsibility and quality credit management The concept and system and measures, regularly announced in order to accept the supervision and guidance of society.
Report Organization: Binzhou Tianhong Electric Co., Ltd.
Report time range: January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017.
4, the report release cycle: This report is the annual report.
5, the report data Description: All the data in this report are from the company's actual situation or data.
6. How to obtain the report: This report is released in online form and can be obtained from our website.

Message from the Chairman

Ten years, Rainbow company from a family workshop, developed into today's large factory of 80,000 square feet. Market development by the domestic market to overseas markets, and to participate in Canton Fair, Europe, the Americas, Asia International Exhibition of kitchen utensils. Product types from a single ice cream cabinet, to commercial freezers, Western equipment, white steel conditioning, and dozens of series of nearly 1,000 varieties. Production technology from manual imitation to patented technology. Up to now, the international market has expanded to 106 countries. Let the world kitchen industry, remember the "sky rainbow appliances."
Efficient operation, excellent management, elite team, infinite vitality, providing one-stop solution for commercial appliances, creating a better living environment, singing rainbow business philosophy. As scheduled to complete their promised work, seek truth from facts and use everything as a guide to doing things with people as a result of things to see people. Change the concept of being centered on me, respect each other, take the initiative to communicate, understand cooperation and share resources. Good at finding problems and solving problems is innovation, learning to think, the inspiration and creativity into products and services that can be provided. Adapt to change, act now, change is always happening, be prepared for rapid change, be aware of small changes as soon as possible, and contribute to the larger changes that are coming. Zero-defect quality standards, the requirements are multi-dimensional, dynamic, and meet the requirements of the same will never be the first to put things right, the first time to meet the requirements.
The company is committed to the enterprise development into a high-tech, high-quality kitchen equipment production strong group, for employees, businesses and society to create higher value. "Return to society, building the country" is the lofty historical mission and glorious responsibility of Rainbow.
Third, the company profile
Founded in 2004, Binzhou Tianhong Electric Co., Ltd. is a Sino-Italian joint venture. It is located in Pangka Science and Technology Industrial Park, Boxing County, Shandong Province, covering an area of ​​400000 square meters and a building area of ​​200000 square meters. The company specializing in the production of freezers, Western and white steel products, set in the industry and trade in one, in a high starting point, high standards and high quality principles, the company is committed to developing markets at home and abroad and has been well-known for nearly 10 years.
Company's existing two technology research and development center, gathered a group of technical staff. Many of them come from first-class enterprises both at home and abroad, and are first-rate engineers recognized in the industry. The company also with some domestic universities and research institutes signed a long-term friendly cooperation contract. The company actively introduces foreign technology and well meets the growing needs of domestic and foreign customers. For example, they spent huge sums of money buying patent licenses for ice cream display cases from Italian companies and hired well-known Italian engineers as long-term business consultants. The product not only fills the gaps in the Chinese refrigeration market, but also has been exported to over 106 countries including Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Russia, Belgium, the United Kingdom, India, Thailand and Lebanon, and is well received by users.
Company forge ahead, and keen grasp the direction of market development, our goal is to build China's largest commercial electrical production base. There is no doubt that the highlights of Texhong's products are the self-developed R & D, beautiful and well-made European models of stainless steel freezers, display cabinets, ice cream cabinets, Western food series and white steel products, which have enabled the company to move forward toward its stated goal Stride
Production management, the company strives to meet international standards, the production of hardware, with a number of international advanced equipment, such as Amada and Trulaser laser equipment, Yawei and Nisshinbo CNC equipment. Completely using environmentally friendly products, the construction of refrigeration performance testing room in line with international standards, a full set of Inficon, Galileo and Italy Dixell company's testing equipment, using the international advanced ISO9001 management system and 6 S management system, passed the strict CE, GS, BRC, RoHS, BSCI, ISO14000, OHSAS18000 certification to ensure product quality, Texhong in good faith others, the principle of equality and mutual benefit and is willing to continue to provide our clients with quality products and services, and sincerely welcome domestic and foreign customers For more information, to visit the factory guide.
First, the quality of credit reports
1, the concept of corporate quality
Enterprise quality philosophy is that the requirements are multi-dimensional, dynamic, and meet the requirements of the same will never be the first to put things right, for the first time to meet the requirements. "Professional management, innovation and pragmatic, create a brand" is the principle of enterprises, enterprises in the fierce competition in search of survival, development, gain a firm foothold, the most important weapon is the product quality. It covers not only all the functional departments of an enterprise, but also all aspects of scientific research, production, sales and procurement. It also includes personnel awareness, quality system, production and operation and even hardware such as machinery and equipment. From the leadership decision-making to every employee's understanding and understanding of quality and quality work, which plays an extremely important role in the quality of behavior and constraints. Quality consciousness is established and exerted by enterprise quality management, quality education and quality responsibility, etc., and slowly and step by step formed through self-regulation by quality incentive mechanism. Depending on the quality of life, Texhong strictly controls the quality of its products, strictly controls the whole process from the purchase of raw materials to the production, and meticulously in every link. High-quality products to customers rest assured that satisfaction, corporate brand awareness and credibility will continue to be improved, companies can invincible.
2. Enterprise Quality Management
2.1 Quality Management Organization
The quality management organization of the Company is led by the chairman and the general manager is mainly responsible for the equipment department, technology research and development department, trade department, quality control department and production department. Technical QC Department is responsible for the implementation, to ensure the quality of the entire process of unified management, unified planning, unified arrangements.
2.2 product design process of quality management
Development and testing of new products, product manufacturing process design, trial identification, product quality and work quality standards formulation, management and other technical preparation process.
2.3 Production Process Quality Management standards analysis and inspection of materials into the factory, the production process control and inspection of product quality, product storage and transportation of quality control and inspection, the production process of the quality control and evaluation of employees. 2.4 Quality Assurance Process Quality Assurance Auxiliary department work quality control and evaluation, quality management cadre training, all staff quality management education, quality management system leadership and functional performance, quality management agencies and their teams engaged in Research on special issues of quality assurance. 2.5 use of the process of quality management
The essence of product quality is the use of the results reflected by the customer, including sales, service quality control and evaluation of the system, market feedback and customer feedback and control
2.6 Quality Management System
Plan P (PLAN), implement D (DO), check C (CHECK), process A (ACTION). The first is to plan, and then through the implementation of various departments, and according to ISO9001 and ISO14000 and OHSAS1800 and other management system requirements, strict implementation.
The so-called total quality management is "to achieve competitive advantage and long-term success by improving the processes, products, services and corporate culture through the participation of all employees in order to achieve 100% qualified products and achieve customer satisfaction.
Quality and integrity management
3.1 Quality and integrity management
My company solemnly promised to the whole society, and thus self-discipline:
1, firmly establish the "quality first" thinking, and constantly enhance the sense of quality and social responsibility to ensure and improve product quality, the main responsibility to implement the quality of the enterprise to meet customer expectations and high-quality products and personalized needs, enhance customer purchase confidence.
2, people without credibility, industry without credit Hing Hing, our company to ensure that civilized business, honesty, according to the tax, operating in accordance with the law, strictly fulfill their commitments, contract and keeping promises, establish integrity brand.
3. Strictly abide by the laws and regulations such as the Law of Products Quality, Standardization Law and Metrology Law, strictly enforce product standards, meet customer requirements, eliminate false propaganda, and resolutely resist untrustworthy and fraudulent customers, etc. The legitimate rights and interests of enterprises, follow the principle of fair, open and fair competition, abide by market rules, orderly competition, and establish a market environment of integrity and fair competition.
4, to strengthen the whole staff, the whole process, a full range of quality management, the implementation of advanced quality management methods, improve the quality assurance system, standardization system and measurement assurance system, strict raw materials, production processes, product delivery and storage of the whole process of quality control .
5, to strengthen the quality of credit system, and effectively ensure product quality, improve service system, ready to provide customers with after-sales service, to provide customers with all convenience.
Our company strictly fulfills the above undertakings. If any, we accept the incorporation of untrustworthy illegal behaviors into the bad credit records and make it open to the public. We will take the initiative to accept the supervision of the government, various industries and all walks of life.
3.2 Quality Culture Building
Quality culture is an important part of corporate culture, is the pursuit of quality in the business objectives, concepts and codes of conduct a comprehensive reflection. The core competitiveness of modern enterprises is not products and services, but excellent corporate culture.
Enterprise quality culture is the enterprise formed in the long-term quality management activities, focusing on the quality of all the activities arising from the way the sum of this activity reflects the unique quality of the enterprise values. Enterprise culture of quality is people-oriented, it is managers who allow employees to worry about, hands-on to accomplish his goals, to stimulate the potential of employees, to respect their personality; is an environment for employees to work happily. Restricting the development of enterprises is not a product of technology, often the product quality awareness, an employee full of confidence in themselves, full of hope to enable them to maximize their ability. Quality culture is a reflection of employee value. Once formed, it becomes a corporate quality culture. This allows new employees to work according to such a culture, otherwise he can not tolerate the corporate environment.
What should enterprises do to employees in the system to induce them, so that employees have the talent to play their own opportunities to establish incentives, the use of material incentives to establish a systematic pay system; the use of spiritual incentives, give full play to role models to establish science The evaluation mechanism. Behavioral and institutional layers formed, so that employees form a code of conduct, a belief, a habit. When the quality culture is embodied in the total quality management practice of an enterprise, it can provide effective support for the implementation of quality management. The essence of the quality culture construction is to optimize and enhance the corporate culture so as to ensure that the quality of the products provided is guaranteed and the products satisfactory to the customers are escorted ".
Enterprise quality foundation
4.1 enterprise product standards
Faced with fierce competition in domestic and foreign markets, our company actively adopts international standards and foreign standards while conducting production management and quality control in strict accordance with national standards and industry standards, and carries out quality management system, production process flow control and management. From the raw materials procurement, physical and chemical analysis and testing, production and processing, assembly and testing, after-sales service of this one-stop production management, the company adhering to the "process control ring, the quality of everyone, product improvement, customer satisfaction," the quality Policy, strictly control each process of production processes to ensure product quality.
4.2 enterprise measurement level
The establishment of a sound measurement and testing system in the enterprise, in 2017 obtained measurement confirmation certificate, product quality, management, energy saving and other aspects of the measurement work has reached the measurement of qualified confirmation conditions.
4.3 certification and accreditation situation
Passed ISO19001
Through the EU CE certification
Through the 3C certification
Passed BRC, BCE certification
ISO1800 certification
Passed ISO4001
Passed GS certification
Through the CE certification
Passed ETL certification
4.4 quality inspection situation
The establishment of a test equipment ledger, testing equipment, equipment developed a corresponding maintenance plan. Including product design process quality management, production process quality management, production support process quality management, the use of process quality management. Inspection equipment, the use of personnel must go through professional training, assessment before passing posts. Quality inspection staff also regularly exchange various problems encountered in the testing in order to timely formulate corrective measures to improve the quality of the inspection and the quality of work to achieve the goal of zero defect quality of enterprises, various systems, job responsibilities, equipment operating procedures , Safety tips, precautions, etc. on the wall, in order to implement. We will step up the building of quality supervision teams, strengthen the education and training of supervisory personnel, continuously improve their qualifications, improve their supervision means, enhance their quality improvement capabilities and enhance their authority and effectiveness.
5, product quality responsibility
5.1 product quality level
Products in strict accordance with the ISO9001 and ISO14000 and OHSAS18000 management system requirements, strict implementation. 5.2 Product after-sales responsibility
We strictly implement the "service commitment", we are convinced that high-quality, systematic, comprehensive and efficient service is the basis for career development. After years of continuous exploration and progress, we have formed a customer-focused, quality first as the corporate life of the service concept. And to strict management, advanced technology to create the domestic first-class service companies as the goal. Developed a standardized management system, a strict process system to ensure product quality and customer satisfaction of the quality policy, adhere to the principle of the user first, to build a good sales service system for our customers to provide quality pre-sale, sale and after-sales service!
First, the pre-sale service commitment
Provide professional advice, answer your proposed professional and technical issues within two hours.
Provide detailed information, the information you need within one day, for two days to receive.
Provide a reasonable offer to provide a reasonable offer within two hours.
Provide inspection reception, ready to receive your study, and try our best to provide you with all kinds of facilities for inspection.
Second, the sale of service commitments
A unified national contract for the sale of industrial and commercial contracts and technical agreements with you.
Strive to provide quality service on time and on time, and use the best transportation service to ensure that the goods are received intact.
Active communication with the use of staff, respect for the user's arrangements, to provide users with thoughtful technical support.
According to the contract to provide you with installation, commissioning and training services.
Regardless of contract size, all customers are fair in price and service.
Third, after-sales service commitment limit
1, we will provide the relevant technical training and technical information according to customer requirements.
2, the product has quality problems, free warranty within one year, life-long maintenance, contractual services agreed upon by the contract.
3, we guarantee that within one hour for telephone guidance, by yourself to rule out simple equipment failure.
4, for small 5 kg equipment, within 3 days to troubleshoot or provide new equipment for your temporary use until the damage to the equipment so far repaired.
5, We provide long-term spare parts for all equipment sold, except as stipulated in the contract.
Product after-sales service commitment Unit: Binzhou Tianhong Electric Co., Ltd.
5.3 Corporate Social Responsibility
Adhere to the corporate community